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    All of our orders are shipped priority overnight with Fedex.  To ensure that there are no delays, we only ship Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  All those who require shipping on another day can email our team at to make arrangements prior to submitting your orders.  We take great pride and care when packing up your coral.  They are inspected thoroughly prior to packing and we check the weather along the shipping route to determine the need for heat or cold packs.  Your packages are dropped off at shipping centers as late as possible on the day of shipping to ensure that they spend the least amount of time necessary out of tank.  


    We would never want to sell anybody unhealthy livestock.  We carefully inspect all coral the night before shipping, as well as during packing to check for proper health and cleanliness.  Accidents and delays in shipping can still happen so we do offer a credit towards future purchases if any of your shipment is delivered DOA (dead on arrival).  To file a DOA claim, you must email us within 3 hours of delivery.  The email must include photos proving that the specimen is completely dead when it arrives.  Photos must be well lit with white light, showing the specimen from as many angles as possible.  DOA credits will be valid for 6 months after the claim is approved.  We are not responsible for improper coral acclimation procedures or for errors caused by the shipping company itself and you must be available to receive packages at the time of arrival.

Please send any DOA claims to

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